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We design our websites on the wonderful WIX platform which allows our clients a wide range of possibilities and full control once we are done creating the site. With no commitment from the clients end or a monthly retainer fee. During our work together, we will define the website, choose colors and fonts that suits your brand.


We can even help with creating the business logo.


Our work includes designing the website, Creating the SEO for the site, adjusting it for mobile devices & making it accessible for anyone. We specialize in creating the design from scratch. We do not use ready to use templates. Everything we design is made with your best interest and needs.


What makes us different as a Studio is our unique illustration and design style. We have a clean, sharp line and a precise understanding of our client's needs.


From our first meeting we understand the client's needs and style and take it on from there to create the perfect design. When creating the Brand, we analyze with the wants and needs, the brand's personality and ambitions and turn it all into a complete Brand package with the Brand language, Logo, Colors, Fonts, Print material and more...


From the moment we begin working on the project until we finish it, you will get our full attention and a final product in the shape of a Brand book, Open files for the logo, Business card design, Envelopes, A4 pages and everything you need to get your new Brand known.


Along site our Branding we also offer our Illustration services, from creating business Icons or specialized drawings. Click here for our Illustration Gallery.


Our studio specializes in creating animations for commercials and animated banners for websites or emails.


Whether it is in Flash, Animated Gif or Video.

We also do video and sound editing to create the perfect package.


The studio also designs or edits presentations with unique animated designs.


As a studio with over 15 years of experience with design for print we have worked with many printing houses to create the most unique products, this includes convention booths, Rollups, Street signs, Product boxes, Cups, Folders, Flyers and more... Do you have your own graphics ready and need help with bringing it to print?

Let us help you.


Designley studio offers a social media management as a complete package that includes:

- A re-design of the business page

- Creating graphic design for banners, Post & campaigns

- Creating a monthly post plan

- Creating campaigns

- Designing Facebook Canvas if needed

- Support & Group management


Our studio supports several platforms at once: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn (Or any other platform that needs management)


Designley studio has launched a new line of design that mixes real life with fantasy.

We take photographs of beautiful places in Tel - Aviv and the world and illustrate our own creations on to the images.


Our images our available for purchase on our store in different sizes on canvas or assemble your own set of coasters.


Also, we invite you to check out our Instagram feed for even more art:


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