What makes us different as a Studio is our unique illustration and design style. We have a clean, sharp line and a precise understanding of our client's needs.


From our first meeting we understand the client's needs and style and take it on from there to create the perfect design. When creating the Brand, we analyze with the wants and needs, the brand's personality and ambitions and turn it all into a complete Brand package with the Brand language, Logo, Colors, Fonts, Print material and more...


From the moment we begin working on the project until we finish it, you will get our full attention and a final product in the shape of a Brand book, Open files for the logo, Business card design, Envelopes, A4 pages and everything you need to get your new Brand known.


Along site our Branding we also offer our Illustration services, from creating business Icons or specialized drawings. Click here for our Illustration Gallery.

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When we received the project of branding the new app for creating perfect connection within the LGBTQ community based on mutual activities such as Sports, Travel, Leisure etc.. There was not even a name to the app. Just a description of the app and a blank page. The name "Pridu" we created by combining the words "Pride" that stems from the LGBTQ community and the words "Do" or "Due" mixing the pride with doing activities in pairs (Due) made for the perfect name.

The logo was created with the pride flag colors only a bit more pastel with the icon representing two people connecting. We also created a who new icon language with simple lines that carries through the app and website and all other brand related items. The emphasis was putting the "Togetherness" first and to let the LGBTQ audience that the brand was intended for them.


The ORM clinic from Portland has arrived for a visit and the Israeli management decided to host the biggest surrogacy event in Tel Aviv.


We were given directions to the drawing style Erez, the manager wanted with a strong emphasis on family and kids. after all- this is all about bringing new life into this world.


We got to the task with creating a logo that shows a big presence for such a big event. Right after creating the logo and colors, we got to the drawing board. Illustrating couples with kids, Grandmother with a child etc....


We also incorporated Israeli elements such as Dizingof square, The wailing wall and more.

The brand appeared on T-shirts, Coffee cups, Water bottles, Signs and more.

This all gave the convention a unique and joyous look.


A software as a service company that specializes in creating matching systems for people and businesses based on mutual interests.


At its base, the company does matching between people for any activity possible.


That why we created a name for the brand "EveryMatch" which mean simply "Every" "Match" possible.

This along with the slogan "It's simply better together" the brand sets the records straight as to what it does.


The logo was designed as a "match" between to fonts and as a handshake that connects to the font. We created different color sets for each activity and a set of icons for the website and the app.



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